Experience the Refugee Journey Through Western Eyes in Ty Richardson’s Emotive Short ‘War Poem’

DN speaks to Ty Richardson about creating an empathic, fictionalised version of a refugee crisis as experienced through Western eyes in ‘War Poem’.

2 Degrés Sud

Gobelins’ animation students venture deep into the heart of the Amazonian rainforest in beautifully realised ecological short ‘2 Degrés Sud’.

Somersault Pike

Kate Lefoe’s ‘Somersault Pike’ makes expert use of slow motion to convey the fears of a competitive diver as she attempts to reach new heights.

Iqbal Ahmed Pays Homage to the Therapeutic Power of Music in Inspiring Documentary Short ‘Offbeat’

LA-based Writer/Director Iqbal Ahmed takes DN behind the scenes of his inspiring documentary portrait about the therapeutic power of music, ‘Offbeat’.

The Art of Change – Climate Change

Sois de Traca present an alternate reality in which a group of animals resort to guerrilla tactics to call planet wrecking humans to account.

Superfly Solo

MILD SPOILERS Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) is far and away the most ‘A New Hope-like’ film in the series yet. In terms of tone, sure, but particularly costume. What costume designers Glyn Dillion[…]

Recommended Cinema for June 17-June 23, 2018

This calendar is a new addition to NotComing.com, and is updated each Sunday with suggested screenings for the upcoming week. Currently, the calendar contains listings for , , , , , , , and . Others will be added in…

A Sexual Education Lesson Becomes Eruptive For All The Wrong Reasons in Alice Seabright’s ‘Sex Ed’

Alice Seabright discusses using an intense one-take shot to honestly portray a man on the edge of self-destruction within the confines of a Sex Ed lesson.

Annabelle Attanasio Calls out Motormouth Men in Verbal Diarrhoea Short ‘Frankie Keeps Talking’

Annabelle Attanasio explains how extensive pre-planning and choreographed action were invaluable preparation for absurdist short, ‘Frankie Keeps Talking’.

A Mother Protects Her Daughter at All Costs in Fateme Ahmadi’s ‘Bitter Sea’

Fateme Ahmadi talks to DN about the intense camera work of ‘Bitter Sea’ her short film about an immigrant mother’s hope of a better life for her daughter.