A Woman Loses Herself in the Memory of Her Past Lover in Lexi Kiddo’s Sci-Fi Music Video ‘Cloud Party’

Lexi Kiddo shares why he went analogue for the tech in his sci-fi story of a woman who can relive vivid moments with her past lover in ‘Cloud Party’.

Lorenz Wunderle Weaves a Violent Psychedelic Tale of Pain, Loss & Vengeance in ‘Coyote’

DN speaks to Swiss filmmaker Lorenz Wunderle about using animation to explore loss & the savagery of violence in his psychedelic vengeance short ‘Coyote’.

A Dead Body Forces Co-Workers to Contemplate Life & Death in Shalini Adnani’s Darkly Comic ‘Something More Banal’

DN speaks to writer/director Shalini Adnani about turning the bizarre ways we react to death into existential black comedy short ‘Something More Banal’.

Life in Vertical

Motion design studio Parallel reformat the world to match the ever present vertical frame in playful Instagram Creators animation ‘Life in Vertical’.

A Triangular Relationship Unfolds Amongst the Raw Power of the Elements in Harun Güler’s ‘Wide’

Harun Güler turns his slow motion focus to Ah! Kosmos track ‘Wide’ exploring the potency of the elements & the relationship between a triad of individuals

Arthur Valverde Ventures Into the Pulsation Heart of Berlin’s Techno Community in ‘Rave’

A Berlin girl takes a contemplative journey into the pulsation heart of Berlin’s techno community in Arthur Valverde’s doc collaboration with Nakt ‘Rave’.

Directors Notes is Now Open for Submissions!

Finally! Directors Notes is now open for submissions. Send us your films (short or feature length) and we vow to get back to you within 7-days.

Charlotte Regan Explores the Father/Son Relationship in B&W Short ‘Dodgy Dave’

London-based writer/director Charlotte Regan joins us to discuss how the parental relationships of friends & family inspired her LFF short ‘Dodgy Dave’.

Recommended Cinema for October 14-October 20, 2018

This calendar is a new addition to NotComing.com, and is updated each Sunday with suggested screenings for the upcoming week. Currently, the calendar contains listings for , , , , , , , and . Others will be added in…

Rob Savage Delivers Unrelenting Action & Adrenaline with Micro-Horror ‘Salt’

Director Rob Savage joins us to discuss working with Alice Lowe and staying one step ahead of his audience with Micro-Horror ‘Salt’.