Andrew De Zen Explores Loss, Chaotic Thoughts & the Anxiety of Heartache in ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’

Andrew De Zen tells DN about depicting the anxious feelings of loss & chaotic thoughts brought on by time & fading memories in ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’

T.Soomian: Can’t Hold My Love

Edgar Obrand’s whimsical ‘Can’t Hold My Love’ for T.Soomian is a 70s-styled rom-com music video about young love, wrapped in a spandex exercise class.

The Art of Change – In My Dreams I See Volcanoes

Lexi Kiddo’s ‘In My Dreams I See Volcanoes’ for the Barbican expresses its LGBT theme with a riotous mix of dance, poetry & colour.

John Grant: Love is Magic

We defy you to watch Fanny Hoetzeneder’s display of unconditional love between dogs & their owners ‘Love is Magic’ without an ear to ear grin on your face

Recommended Cinema for August 12-August 18, 2018

This calendar is a new addition to, and is updated each Sunday with suggested screenings for the upcoming week. Currently, the calendar contains listings for , , , , , , , and . Others will be added in…

Area 52 B-Sides

DN gets excited about John Morena’s decision to release the deep cuts from his ‘a new film a week for a year’ project as the ‘Area 52 B-Sides’.

Parker Hill Sets out on Twilight Infused Trip of Remembrance in No Kind of Rider’s ‘Autumn’

DN caught up with director Parker Hill to find out more about her prolific output and her latest music video for No Kind of Rider’s ‘Autumn’.

It’s a War of Parenting Opinions in Marley Morrison’s Comedy Short ‘Baby Gravy’

Director Marley Morrison tells DN how her journey of becoming a parent in a same-sex relationship influenced her comedy short ‘Baby Gravy’.

Jean Claude Billmaier Releases Rushes of Tension Through Surreal Composition of Movement in ‘Nulla’

Jean Claude Billmaier takes us on a journey through our daily dealings with anger, anxiety and stress in his illusory experimental dance film, ‘Nulla’.

A Middle-Eastern Actor Couple Try to Navigate the Pressures of Relationships, Family & Typecasting in ‘Abroad’

Actor Zayn Alexander tells DN why he decided to step into the role of director in order to confront the issue of on-screen diversity in short ‘Abroad’.