The Awl is shutting down

 The Awl, the hard-to-classify site that published compelling personal essays, media commentary and much more, announced today that it will be shutting down at the end of January, along with its sister site The Hairpin. The site was founded in 2009 by…

The HQ Trivia Guy Has a Lifehack for That Common Baggy Condom Problem

Just what we all want to be thinking about when we’re tapping away at a fun trivia app: its spokesperson’s genitalia.

3 Reasons Every Company Should Embrace Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has been slowly creeping into the mainstream lexicon as its prevalence is becoming more apparent.

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Diversis Capital acquires Marketron, maker of monetization software for radio and TV

 Marketron, a company whose software helps radio and TV broadcasters manage their advertising, has a new owner and a new CEO. The company announced this morning that it has been acquired by private equity firm Diversis Capital. (The previous owner,…

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Security Game Plan for Smart Factories

Smarter, more efficient factories are coming, and that means AI, automation, machine learning and IoT hardware will become commonplace.

I’m Sorry, Kodak Wants How Much For Its New Super 8 Camera?

For the price Kodak is asking, we could probably open source our own Super 8 camera and sell it on Kickstarter.

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Lawsuit filed by 22 state attorneys general seeks to block net neutrality repeal

 A lawsuit filed today by the attorneys general of 22 states seeks to block the Federal Communications Commission’s recent controversial vote to repeal Obama era Net Neutrality regulations. The filing is led by New York State Attorney General Schneiderman, who…

Burning Oil Tanker Sinks, Creating Huge Spill in East China Sea

The spill threatens the coasts of China, South Korea, and Japan, and could spread for three months before reaching land.

Man Behind Crowdfunded Submarine Charged With Murder of Journalist Kim Wall

Copenhagen police have accused inventor Peter Madsen of premeditated murder, indecent handling of a corpse, and sexual assault.

MirraViz shows off a revolutionary way to do split-screen gaming

 MirraViz wants to bring an end to gamers screen peeking. The startup’s display technology lets different people watch different things on the same projector screen depending on where they’re sitting. The best part of this is that only you can see…

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Smart Phones Make Smart Citizens in the Smart City

The IoT Evolution Expo is coming up fast, and we interviewed our speakers to get a bit of a preview of what to expect from the conferences.

The Expanded Universe Story That Led to Lucasfilm Re-Writing Star Wars Canon

After you decide to un-drop a moon from a Wookiee’s head, everything else seems minor in comparison.

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A dark mode for YouTube’s mobile app is spotted in the wild

 Last spring, YouTube rolled out a massive update to its desktop site that included a redesign, faster underlying framework, and the addition of a dark mode. Now, that dark theme may be making its way to the YouTube mobile app,…

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The American Dreams of China’s Biggest Smartphone Brand Are Basically Dead

It would seem Huawei’s ambitions in the US smartphone market have been put on hold indefinitely.

If We Learn to Engineer Animals to Be as Smart as Humans—Should We?

Advances in neural implants and genetic engineering suggest that in the not–too–distant future we may be able to boost human intelligence. If that’s true, could we—and should we—bring our animal cousins along for the ride? Human brain augmentation made headlines…

The self-contained Fusion electric guitar lets you truly rock out

 As a hard-core rocker and roller I find that my gear has to be ready to rock and/or roll at a moment’s notice. There is no telling when I’ll have to lay out a face-melter during jury duty or blast…

Ripple turns investor as execs lead $25M round for storage and rental startup Omni

 Earlier this month, I wrote that crypto companies are going to become investors in 2018. I didn’t quite imagine that happening as quickly as mid-January, but here we are. Ripple, the fintech startup behind the controversial XRP token that’s worth…

A new pathway to roles in IT Support

Today, we’re launching the Google IT Support Professional Certificate hosted on Coursera—a first-of-its-kind online program to prepare people for roles in IT support. With no previous experience required, beginning learners can become entry-level job ready in eight to 12 months….

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Saudi Arabia Celebrates End of 35-Year Cinema Ban… By Showing The Emoji Movie

If you’d not been to the cinema in 35 years, what would YOU want to watch? Not this, probably.

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WhatsApp reportedly testing anti-chain letter spam warning

 WhatsApp appears to be testing a new feature aimed at trying to limit the spread of chain letter style spam messages on its platform. Read More