Apple Maps Lane Guidance Expands to Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Poland

Introduced in iOS 11, lane guidance in Apple Maps is designed to let Maps users know which lane they should be in to avoid missing an upcoming turn or exit. The lane guidance feature was initially limited to the United…

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Dollar has Legs or at Least One

Even though the conflict in Syria can rapidly escalate, investors were feeling more comfortable with risk over the last few days.  The US trade rhetoric was toned down several decibels, and this helped.  US President Trump saw signs of concessions…

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Airstrikes and Slime Balls

There is No UN backing there is No Westminster backing there is No transparency and there is No process. The strikes on Syria have little to do with seeking peace and everything to do with covering the domestic shambles of…

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Markets Struggle to Find Footing while News Stream Improves

It had looked to many investors that world was headed for a trade war and an escalating risk war in Syria.  But now it seems less clear.  US President Trump’s rhetoric on trade took a more constructive tone, and a…

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Austerity Policies In Europe: There Is No Alternative

Asbjørn Wahl is a leading critic both of the failures of social democracy in Europe and the neo liberal economics of the EU favouring new alliances to challenge both. His latest book The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State looks…

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Hong Kong as Schrodinger’s Cat

Some of our pressing current challenges seem self-inflicted.  The UK decision to leave the EU was not compelled by external circumstances.  A non-binding referendum that won by 52% to 48% was taken to be a binding decision to break a…

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Smart Jewelry Bracelet could call for help when you’re attacked

We’ve already seen jewelry that sends out an alert when its wearer is attacked – but they still have to push a button on it to make that happen. What if they can’t reach their jewelry? Well, that’s where the…

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Health visitor vacancies rise by 50% as SNP struggles to hit target

Health visitor vacancy rates in Scotland have increased by half in the space of a year as the SNP struggles to honour a pledge on increasing numbers. Official statistics have revealed there are currently 144 vacancies across the country, the…

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Theresa May’s cabinet meeting over Syria action finishes

Ministers expected to back Theresa May’s call to join military action threatened by the US and allies.

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Gallery: London’s best new buildings for 2018

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) hands out quite a few awards across a calendar year, the most prestigious of which is the Stirling Prize for excellence in British architecture. Among these, it celebrates the finest creations in different…

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