Syria air strikes: MPs to hold second emergency debate

The debate has been secured by Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who accused the PM of by-passing Parliament.

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Jeremy Corbyn: May waiting for Trump instructions on Syria

Labour leader speaks out after ministers agree chemical weapon use in Douma must not “go unchallenged”.

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Theresa May ‘to act on Syria without MPs’ vote’ – sources

The prime minister believes the need for a response is urgent, government sources tell the BBC.

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Theresa May says Syria ‘chemical attack’ cannot go unchallenged

The PM also criticises Russia as Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn urges caution over intervention calls.

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Yes, I still oppose British military intervention in Syria

The moral case for intervention in Syria remains strong, the Ba’ath regime continues to commit atrocities, and yet still I oppose British military action. The moral case for intervention in the Russo-Finnish War of 1939 was equally strong. Hitler’s ally, the Soviet…

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Geoffrey Rush Barely Eats & Is Virtually Housebound Following Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior

Geoffrey Rush‘s lawyer is giving an update on the actor, several months after the legendary actor was accused of inappropriate behavior by an actress in the Sydney Theatre Company. The 66-year-old Australian actor has denied the allegation and is suing…

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Jeremy Corbyn: Tories have failed on policing

Jeremy Corbyn is to launch Labour’s local election campaign with an attack on police cuts.

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Russian spy: Politicians in ‘idiot’ row over poisoning

A bitter row breaks out between Labour and the Tories over the response to the Salisbury attack.

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Fist Pumps and Constitutional Novichok

Independence is an inherently radical rupture, its time to act on that argues Jonathon Shafi. Theresa May had finished giving her statement on Salisbury to the house. Much to the braying consternation of the Tories, Jeremy Corbyn rose to give…

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Labour urges rethink on mortgage benefits

Figures suggest half of recipients could refuse to take new loan which is replacing benefit payments.

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